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In an effort to speed up growth Marion County planners are now accepting proposed changes to the comprehensive land use plan any time a landowner is ready to pursue a project in Ocala, FL. This move will help to speed up the process of projects through the Marion County Commission.

Growth management Department Director Jimmy Massey explains in the article on that they “want to be able to take it right away and set up the meetings right away”. Previously comp changes were only reviewed once or twice a year, but in response to Governor Rick Scott’s plan to revitalize the economy there has been an emphasis on streamlining the regulatory process for land use changes.

Massey envisions now being able to complete the new proposals at the close of each month, and then schedule the hearings required accordingly. The intent of summing up the proposals each month is to make the process move faster, and in combination with the other legal requirements of the county Massey expects they will now do three sets of hearings in the year regarding land use changes.

At International Property Services, Corp., Realtor we see this as the opportunity to help clients move forward quickly with development projects instead of being bogged down in the legal tape of growth management.

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